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    we are exporting abrasive paper to all continents ...                                                               
  • Jumbo Rolls - engelsk

    We supply customdesigned abrasive jumbo rolls and abrasive jumborolls with neutral backsideprint worldwide - send us an enquiry - and let`s make a good deal

  • Private label - engelsk

    Dragon is our trademark - additionally we produce a lot of private label and "no name" products
    (neutral backsideprint) for our many wholesalers around the  world ... ...

  • Special productions - engelsk

    We also provides special productions worldwide - such as for the nail files industries in the United States, Europe and the Asian markets


We are a danish manufacturer of abrasive paper - we manufactures all kind of jumbo rolls - which we resell - or we cut it into abrasive rolls, abrasive sheets, abrasive discs or abrasive triangles.
 Rulleskaerer Produktionsbillede 5 210x118px Dragon sheets bulkpacking 226x150px
Coateafdeling Top Coateafdeling toerrehal 2 Nedruller jumboruller

On YouTube you can se, how we are manufacturing abrasive paper jumborolls:
We provides a wide range colors, qualities and dimensions - and we are also specialized in private label. We cooperate with customers in many continents and we distribute 85% of our production to export markets.

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